Terms and Conditions

 1. The Artipoppe Referral Program is only successful if the referrer is an existing Artipoppe customer (has purchased a Baby Wrap, Ring Sling or Zeitgeist Carrier) and the invited friend(s) are new customers to Artipoppe who have never purchased an item before. Referring to existing or returning customers does not result in any rewards. We will determine in our sole discretion whether the invited friend is a new customer.
2. To participate in the Artipoppe Referral Program as a referrer, you must have a valid Artipoppe Referral Program account which you can create on after placing an order.
3. Customers are entitled to use their €50 referral rewards once their referred friend, who is a new Artipoppe customer, purchased an item and their cooling off period of 28 days is exceeded.
4. Customers are entitled to use their €50 reward for every referred friend’s first successful purchase. Multiple referral discounts can be combined in future purchases.
5. Discounts of referred friends are not stackable per order, valid for one-time use only and non-transferable. Referral discounts are personal, and a unique gift only for new Artipoppe customers.
6. The referral rewards are not valid in combination with other vouchers, discounts, promotions or events (e.g., Water Sling promotion), with the exception of Free Shipping.
7.  The rewards are valid to be used for purchasing full priced items only in the “Zeitgeist Baby Carrier”, “Baby Wrap”, “Ring Sling”, “Zeitgeist Toddler Carrier” and “Limited Editions” category on You cannot use the rewards on gift cards or other items not in one of the four categories. We may also specify certain products that are ineligible for rewards from time to time. Artipoppe has the right to decline wagered referral rewards within 2 business days from the moment of purchase. In that situation, Artipoppe will delay your order and will reach out to you by email.
8. A referral reward is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only.

9. A referral reward is valid for two years counting from the day of issuance.
10. It is not allowed to offer, sell, share, advertise or promote your Artipoppe Referral Program rewards or links via online trade, online communities, social media platforms such as auction or advertising websites (examples include eBay, Marktplaats, Spydeals, Facebook and any other advertising websites). No rewards can be earned from these actions. If your link is spotted online, we will directly disable your account. We do not reactivate referral accounts that have been blocked due to infringement of our terms & conditions.
11. Fraud or misuse of the program is carefully detected (e.g., referring to yourself or other existing customers) and determined in our sole discretion. When committed, the game is over. You are excluded of the Artipoppe Referral Program.
12. The maximum amount of referral rewards that can be earned is €600,-. This means that an existing Artipoppe customer can refer up to 12 new friends to Artipoppe and get rewarded for each of them. After exceeding 12 approved referrals, it is no longer possible to participate in the program.
13. Artipoppe reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions of the Artipoppe Referral Program at anytime.
14. Our Artipoppe Referral Program is managed by a third party (Referral Rock) who will process your data and send you referral service emails. More info about your privacy rights and data protection.
15. Participation in the Artipoppe Referral Program may require you to submit personal information about you and the friends you refer, such as name and email address. You agree to receive communications from us with regard to your participation in the Artipoppe Referral Program and to allow us to communicate with referred friends about your participation (such as, sending out your invitation). Any information collected from you or your referred friends will be subject to Artipoppe's Privacy Statement.